Pickard Interval along the St. John River

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Welcome to the York Rural Community Project Website

On March 29, 2016, the elected Advisory Committees of the Keswick Ridge, Douglas, Kingsclear and Bright Local Service Districts (LSDs), along with community leaders from the LSD of Queensbury, met for the first time to discuss the topic of community restructuring within our district boundaries. It was clear to the meeting participants that as neighbouring LSDs we share a number of common characteristics and interests including:

• local control of our tax dollars
• the Mactaquac Project and its potential impact on our area
• respect for mixed land use (farming, small business, the components of community identity)
• a dedication to rural ways of life
• valuing the natural environment and sustainable resource management

The meeting resulted in a consensus that we move forward to study the concept of joining our LSDs to form York Rural Community. Our group will henceforth be referred to as the York Rural Community Project Steering Committee.

By joining the participating LSDs, the proposed York Rural Community would have a population of approximately 10,171 and a tax base of $805,781,000 (itemized in the table below). This would allow York Rural Community to have a significant voice with various levels of government and a much greater financial capacity.
LSD2011 Census2016 Assessment2017 Assessment
Bright (BLSD)1,542$96,677,200$100,470,050
Douglas (DLSD)3,877$249,218,700$248,844,950
Keswick Ridge (KRLSD)1,526$158,918,550$156,554,950
Kingsclear (KLSD)2,781$268,970,900$268,993,100
Queensbury (Partial up to but not including Bear Island)445$30,470,090$30,917,950
Notes: (1) Prorated 2016 Census figures from the Census Subdivision to the LSD not yet available at the time of the printing of this information. (2) Queensbury is estimated at 35% of the total LSD population and assessment and is subject to change.

The York Rural Community Steering Committee can be contacted at: yorkruralcommunity@gmail.com
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  • NOTICES (Updated Regularly)

    January 4, 2017 - The York Rural Community Project Steering Committee would like to announce that the Minister of Local Government has approved our request for a feasibility study. This study will involve examination of the population, tax base, social and economic relationships within the proposed project area. Over the next months, there will be regular and well publicized opportunities for citizens to provide input through focus groups, town hall meetings. Social media accounts are being established as well.

    Round 1 of Public Meetings for the YRC project Feasibility Study have been scheduled
    Attendees should be project area residents and must register at the door.
    Registration begins at 6:30 pm. Meetings are 7 – 9 pm.
    Locations and dates may be seen

    Border-Area Neighbourhood Meetings for the YRC Project Feasibility Study
    have been scheduled
    Attendees should be residents of the target neighbourhood and must register at the door.
    Registration begins at 6:30 pm. Meetings are 7 – 9 pm.
    Target neighbourhoods, meeting locations, and dates of meetings may be seen here

    Please watch this space for announcements about ways to be involved in the study.